Support and Assistance for Students

Williams offers assistance to survivors of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or stalking through Sexual Assault Survivor Services (SASS). The SASS team consists of specially trained staff members. Upon notification that an assault has occurred, a SASS member will respond immediately and be available to provide counseling and support to the survivor. The SASS member will work with the survivor to ascertain medical needs, reporting options and ongoing counseling opportunities. A SASS member can accompany you to medical or legal appointments, to the Dean’s office or Campus Safety, or through any other part of the process of recovery.  This team of trained professionals is available 24 hours a day and can be reached at (413) 597-3000.

Counselors with special training in helping survivors of sexual violence are available at:

  • Sexual Assault Survivor Services (SASS) 597-3000
  • Williams College Health Center 597-2206
  • Williams College Psychological Counseling 597-2353 (or on call 24/7 through Campus Safety at 597-4444)
  • Rape and Sexual Assault Network of Williams (student staffed hotline) 597-4100
  • Elizabeth Freeman Center (off campus) 499-2425
  • Meg Bossong, DIrector of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response 597-4977
  • Donna Denelli-Hess (Health Educator) 597-3013
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE
  • National Sexual Assault Online Hotline –
  • For a list of resources with particular focus on the needs of LGBTQ survivors, see
  • For resources with particular focus on the needs of male survivors, see

Other resources that may be helpful include:

  • Peer Health (student staffed hotline) 597-3140
  • Chaplain’s Office 597-2483
  • Dean’s office 597-4171 (or on call 24/7, through Campus Safety at 597-4444)
  • Davis Center 597-3340

Confidentiality and Privacy

In determining which resources to access, it is important to consider the related issues of confidentiality and privacy.  Those terms sound similar, but they mean somewhat different things.

Confidential resources.  Some resources, both on and off campus, are able with very limited exceptions to maintain complete confidentiality with respect to reports of sexual misconduct. They will not share with anyone – including law enforcement, College officials or anyone else – any information that identifies or might be used to identify the person reporting the sexual misconduct, except with the reporting person’s consent or where there is an imminent threat to the safety of the reporting person or others.

Confidential resources off-campus include:

  • Elizabeth Freeman Center
  • Any local or national rape crisis center or certified rape crisis counselor
  • Chaplains or clergy
  • Licensed medical or mental health professionals
  • Private attorneys

Confidential resources on-campus include:

  • Health Center staff, including Donna Denelli-Hess (Health Educator) x3013
  • Psych Services staff x2353
  • Chaplains x2483
  • Meg Bossong, Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response x4977
  • SASS advisors, when acting in a support or advocacy role x3000