For Employees

  • Support  Advisors are available to all members of the College community for consultation concerning incidents that could be a form of discrimination. The advisor’s role is described in the Discrimination Grievance Policy and Procedures in the faculty and staff handbooks. All advisors have received training in sexual harassment and other discrimination advising.

    • Veronica Bosley, Commencement and Academic Events Assistant, Dean of the Faculty’s House
    • Brooks Foehl, Director of Alumni Relations and Secretary of the Society of Alumni, Alumni Relations
    • Randal Fippinger, Visiting Artist Producer and Outreach Manager, Theatre Department
    • Amanda Turner, Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office

    All of the following resources are confidential and private:

    Faculty and Staff can also contact their supervisors, Campus Safety and Security or Title IX Coordinator, Toya Camacho, and any of the Deputy Title IX coordinators Gretchen Long, Danielle Gonzalez, and Lara Shore-Sheppard) for assistance. These individuals have some confidentiality limitations. Learn more about privacy and confidentiality